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General Information

What is your contact information?

Send us a message on Facebook, contact us using the form below, or send a text to 214-6(four)3-8138. If you choose to text us, please create an account before texting us for a quicker response!


What are my options for selling textbooks?

We posted this article to describe the various ways students can sell textbooks. 

Basically, there are 2 options:

1. Sell locally for cash on the spot

2. Sell online to a marketplace like Amazon, ship the book yourself, and wait to get paid (keep in mind marketplaces take up to a 20% fee on the sale + shipping costs)

We have student reps who can come to you to purchase your books so that you do not have to carry them anywhere! Also, you can visit us at one of our buyback events on/off campus if that option is available at your school.


How do your buyback prices work?

All of our campus reps have a textbook scanner and can give you a quote for your book in less than 10 seconds. Our buyback prices are based off of multiple factors including marketplace demand, edition newness, whether there is a new edition coming out, book condition, etc.

Unlike the campus bookstore, who only buys books that have been assigned at your school next semester, we can buy all of your books! We also pay better prices for books because we don't operate using a quota system - ex: we usually pay the same price for the 1st book as the 50th book. That way you can sell your books when you want to and know you are getting the best price available.

I want to sell books but don't attend a school where you operate

If you have a friend who works for Textbook Valet at another school you can sell them to your friend. Otherwise, click here to bring us to your school!

Buyback Events at Campus Organizations

How do I setup a buyback event at my campus organization?

We would love to host a buyback at your campus organization! Please contact us with details and include the point of contact for your organization - we will work with you to set something up.

Do I need to be a member of the organization to attend?

Yes, in order to attend the buyback event you must be a member of the organization or have a friend who is a member that allows you to go. We receive permission from these organizations to buyback books (on their property in some cases) and want to respect their privacy.

Buyback Appointments

How do buyback appointments work?

Buyback appointments take place within the map area provided for your school on its "Sell Books" page (see photo below for example). You can meet at a local business, on campus, or have the student rep buyback books from your door. The student rep has a scanner to find the buyback price of all of your books and can pay you on the spot. It usually takes less than 5 minutes to scan a semester's worth of books.

Most buyback appointments take place during finals week, so feel free to setup your buyback appointment in advance. You will get an email reminder 1 day before the scheduled appointment date.

Buyback Location

How does the buyback location work?

Visit us at our posted buyback location with your books anytime between the hours posted to sell your books for immediate payment! We will have 2 representatives scanning books and it should take less than 5 minutes to give you a quote for all of your books and receive payment.


*This is not availible at all schools


How do I return my books?

Return procedures are unique to each school we operate. Please contact us to receive details about returns at your school.

What is the return policy on my books?

Your books can be returned within 2 weeks of the date they were delivered. If you purchased a brand new book, we cannot accept it if there is writing on markings on it. If you purchased an access code and scratched off the code (or it is revealed) we cannot accept the return. If you are returning a book because of an error on our part we can increase the return deadline and make exceptions, just contact us.

Textbook Deliveries

What if I don't know where I will be living?

You can wait to setup a delivery appointment in this case. You can also setup a delivery in a general location (ex: dorm lobby, Starbucks next to campus). Our student rep will get in contact with you on the date of the delivery and you can request a location change if needed.

How do my books get delivered?

After making your textbook purchase, you will be sent a link to schedule your textbook delivery. Our delivery system works very similar to a pizza delivery. You can pick a date/time that is convenient and one of our campus reps will deliver your books directly to you! We deliver to dorms, apartments, fraternity houses, and anywhere within a 2 mile radius of campus. Please do not put a shipping address because we do not ship orders - everything is personally delivered.

Textbook Rentals

Where do I return my rentals?

You can return your rentals to any campus representative or visit us at one of our campus buyback events to drop them off. Make sure that you sticker the rentals with your full name so that we know who is returning the book! If these 2 options do not work for you, you can contact us to receive details on shipping the rentals back to us. 

What if I don't return my rentals?

If you don't return your rentals, for whatever reason, you will be charged the difference of what you paid and the price to purchase a new book. For example:

Math Book Unreturned

Rental Price - $145

New Price - $200

You get charged - $55

Unlike many companies, we do not charge any "hidden fees"! Most school bookstores will charge you the full price of replacing the book (ex: $200 in the case above).

Can I write in my rentals?

Yes! You are welcome to write in your rentals. Make sure that you don't damage the rental by tearing pages or spilling water or you may be charged.

When is the last day I can return my textbook rentals?

Textbook rentals are due 2 days after the last scheduled day of finals. If you are unable to return your rentals within this time-frame, you must contact us within 7 days after the last day of finals to get details on shipping them back to us. Otherwise you will be charged through the credit card we have on file.

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