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Sell textbooks for cash during COVID-19 using our Mail-In program! Click Here.

The Pearson Guide to Critical and Creative Thinking (Mythinkinglab)

by Pearson
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Author: DiYanni, Robert

Brand: Pearson

Edition: 1

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 384

Release Date: 28-07-2014

Details: Product Description Critical and creative thinking for life experience and career success The first edition of The Pearson Guide to Critical and Creative Thinking provides students with the tools, techniques, and strategies for thinking both critically and creatively. A toolbox for higher-order analytical and imaginative thinking, readers practice critical and creative thinking by applying learned theories to examples, demonstrations, and exercises. Exercises involve both individual and collaborative critical and creative thinking applications across academic disciplines, as well as in personal and professional career contexts. The clear and easy to follow writing style makes concepts and theories accessible to all students, especially in the foundational chapters. Later chapters enable students to exercise their reasoning skills and judgment by generating ideas and applying what they’ve learned.     Review "The organization is great. Each chapter adds to the ones that follow and allows the student to build upon what they are learning from one chapter to the next." -Tanya Allred, New Mexico State University at Alamogordo   “This style is user friendly. It was easy to read and was not too technical or difficult to understand . . . The content is relevant, accurate and solid” - Laura Earner, Saint xavier University   “The author does make good use of concrete examples. Students taking such a course likely have a variety of backgrounds and major areas of interest. This text takes that into account with examples ranging from photos and drawings to math equations, to poetry.” - Carol Davis, California State University, Monterey Bay   “I like the tone of the book. . . . the exercises and their mix of self-examination and scholarship. I like the breadth of topics that are included at the end of the book. They take critical thinking into realms students might not have considered before.” - Christina Conroy, Morehead State University   “One of the best elements of this text is its flexibility. It provides instructors with the ability to market their Critical Thinking courses to different student audiences as well.” - Lisa Bellantoni, Albright College   “One of the main things that I like about this text is the interaction with the reader. The exercises interspersed through the chapters involve the reader in the text and force them to 'think'." - Cathy Hall, Indiana University Northwest   About the Author Dr. Robert DiYanni is a professor of humanities at New York University, where he teaches literature, writing, interdisciplinary humanities, and critical/creative thinking.  Professor DiYanni holds a B.A. in English from Rutgers University and a Ph.D. in English Language and Literature from The City University of New York.  He has lectured and conducted workshops on critical and creative thinking in twenty countries, including Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Mexico, and the US.  Among his many books are Literature: Reading Fiction, Poetry, and Drama; Modern American Poets: Their Voices and Visions; Modern American Prose; Writing about the Humanities; and Arts and Culture: An Introduction to the Humanities.  This last book formed the basis for a series of lectures given with co-author, Janetta Benton, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Prior to coming to NYU, Dr. DiYanni taught at Queens College CUNY, Pace University, and as a Visiting Professor at Harvard University.  He has also served as Senior Director of International Services at The College Board, and as Director of Arts and Aesthetic Education for the Scarsdale, NY public schools.

Package Dimensions: 9.9 x 7.9 x 0.7 inches

Languages: English