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Sell textbooks for cash during COVID-19 using our Mail-In program! Click Here.

Prison Notebooks (Volumes 1, 2 & 3)

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Author: Gramsci, Antonio

Brand: Columbia University Press

Edition: Slp


  • University Press Group Ltd

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 2032

Release Date: 03-01-2011

Details: Product Description Columbia University Press's multivolume Prison Notebooks is the only complete critical edition of Antonio Gramsci's seminal writings in English. Based on the authoritative Italian edition of Gramsci's work, Quaderni del Carcere, this comprehensive translation presents the intellectual as he ought to be read and understood, with critical notes that clarify Gramsci's history, culture, and sources; an index of names; and a contextualization of the thinker's ideas against his earlier writings and letters. This set includes notebooks 1 through 8 with all attendant notes and materials and is an indispensible resource for scholars in the humanities and social sciences. Review The existence of an affordable, complete, critical edition of the prison notebooks will represent a major scholarly and political achievement, the consummation of generations of social labor by friends and scholars of Gramsci. -- Joel Wainwright ― Marx and Philosophy Review of Books About the Author Antonio Gramsci (1891–1937) was an Italian Marxist theorist, one-time leader of the Italian Communist Party, and founder of the official party newspaper, l’Unita. Arrested and imprisoned by the Italian Fascist regime in 1926, Gramsci died before fully regaining his freedom. Gramsci’s thirty-three prison notebooks, which contain brilliant reflections on a vast range of subjects, are foundational for an array of disciplines and schools of thought. Joseph A. Buttigieg (1947–2019) was professor emeritus of English at the University of Notre Dame. He was the author and editor of a number of books, including A Portrait of the Artist in Different Perspective, The Legacy of Antonio Gramsci, Criticism Without Boundaries, Gramsci and Education, European Christian Democracy, and most notably the complete critical edition of Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks (Columbia, 1992–2007). He was also founding member and president of the International Gramsci Society.

Package Dimensions: 9.8 x 6.3 x 4.6 inches

Languages: English, Italian