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Sell textbooks for cash during COVID-19 using our Mail-In program! Click Here.

Monsters in America: Our Historical Obsession with the Hideous and the Haunting

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Author: Poole, W. Scott

Brand: Baylor University Press

Edition: second edition

Binding: Paperback

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 335

Release Date: 15-07-2018

Details: Product Description Monsters arrived in 2011―and now they are back. Not only do they continue to live in our midst, but, as historian Scott Poole shows, these monsters are an important part of our past―a hideous obsession America cannot seem to escape. Poole’s central argument in Monsters in America is that monster tales intertwine with America’s troubled history of racism, politics, class struggle, and gender inequality. The second edition of Monsters leads readers deeper into America’s tangled past to show how monsters continue to haunt contemporary American ideology. By adding new discussions of the American West, Poole focuses intently on the Native American experience. He reveals how monster stories went west to Sand Creek and Wounded Knee, bringing the preoccupation with monsters into the twentieth century through the American Indian Movement. In his new preface and expanded conclusion, Poole’s tale connects to the present―illustrating the relationship between current social movements and their historical antecedents. This proven textbook also studies the social location of contemporary horror films, exploring, for example, how Get Out emerged from the context of the Black Lives Matter movement. Finally, in the new section "American Carnage," Poole challenges readers to assess what their own monster tales might be and how our sordid past horrors express themselves in our present cultural anxieties. By the end of the book, Poole cautions that America’s monsters aren’t going away anytime soon. If specters of the past still haunt our present, they may yet invade our future. Monsters are here to stay. Review ... one of the best reads of the year. -- Dave Canfield ― Fangoria From 19th century sea serpents to our current Publishers Weekly session with vampires and zombies,... Poole plots America's past through its fears in this intriguing... sociocultural history. ― Publishers Weekly [Poole’s] book is sufficiently clear and engaging for general readers to enjoy and would make a worthwhile addition to undergraduate course in American history or culture. -- Aaron John Gulyas ― Nova Religio Poole's connection of the monster to American history is a kind of Creature Features meets American cultural history. Here we not only meet such monsters but also discover America's cultural monstrosity. -- John W. Morehead, editor, Monsters in America is lively and entertaining throughout. The book's unusual range is one of its contributions; its freshness of juxtaposition is another. -- Elizabeth Young ― American Historical Review Poole... has set the bar ridiculously high for any future research exploring the locus of historical and cultural studies, particularly as it pertains to the horrific.... Monsters In America challenges, enlightens, and, quite honestly, frightens in its prescient view of American history, as well as the seeming ubiquity of the monsters of our past and probable future. ― The Crawlspace Historian W. Scott Poole distinguishes himself by focusing on the American context, providing a history told through the personified expressions of our anxieties and fears. In the follow-up to his first book, Satan in America, Poole has now turned his attention to the monsters that inhabit American cinema and American imaginations. -- Christopher James Blythe ― Journal of Religion and Popular Culture … Monsters in America is an important contribution, and it will be enjoyed by literary and cultural historians alike. -- Nicole K. Konopka ― American Studies Numerous scholars explore the cultural and political implications of monster and horror films for the times from which they emerge.... Few scholars connect such implications across broader expanses of time to reveal how intrinsically monsters and the horrific have been bound up in the history of America. Even fewer scholars do so as adeptly and as entertainingly as W. Scott Poole. -- J. Ryan Parker ― Pop Theology Review Poole brings

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