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by Knopf
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Author: Carson, Anne

Brand: Knopf

Color: Navy

Edition: Box


  • Knopf Publishing Group

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 272

Release Date: 25-10-2016

Details: Product Description From the renowned classicist and MacArthur Prize winner: a new collection that explores myth and memory, beauty and loss, all the while playing with--and pushing--the limits of language and form. Anne Carson consistently dazzles with her inventive, shape-shifting work and the vividness of her imagination. Float reaches an even greater level of brilliance and surprise. Presented in an arrestingly original format--individual chapbooks that can be read in any order, and that float inside a transparent case--this collection conjures a mix of voices, time periods, and structures to explore what makes people, memories, and stories "maddeningly attractive" when observed in spaces that are suggestively in-between.      One can begin with Carson contemplating Proust on a frozen Icelandic plain, or on the art-saturated streets of downtown New York City. Or journey to the peak of Mount Olympus, where Zeus ponders his own afterlife. Or find a chorus of Gertrude Steins performing an essay about falling--a piece that also unearths poignant memories of Carson's own father and great-uncle in rural Canada. And a poem called "Wildly Constant" piercingly explores the highs and lows of marriage and monogamy, distilled in a wife's waking up her husband from the darkness of night, and asking him to make them eggs for breakfast.      Exquisite, heartbreaking, disarmingly funny, Float kaleidoscopically illuminates the uncanny magic that comes with letting go of expectations and boundaries. It is Carson's most intellectually electrifying, emotionally engaging book to date. Review “Carson’s 22 individual chapbooks [are] like snowflakes of literary litheness.” —Sloane Crosley, Vanity Fair Hot Type   “Captivating. A stroke of genius. The most stunning example [of Carson’s work] to date. She designs her books to make you rethink entirely the way you read . . . Float invites you to interact with it, to pull it apart and put it back together . . . The way Carson plans the physical reading experience feels like a magnification of what it’s like to read a really good poem: not straightforwardly but absorbing the sense of it, sounds and senses playing off one another . . . The poems themselves are designed as intricately as the box itself . . . Carson’s work is a question of occupying untranslatable and unpredictable silences, and Float is about finding something whole in fragments. She is a strange and immersive poet. It’s only after reading Float in its entirety that you realise its full effect.” —Charlotte Runcie, The Daily Telegraph (UK)   “If you’re ready to restart your capacity for cosmic delight, vernacular hijinks, and intellectual pizzazz, let inimitable poet, translator, and classicist Anne Carson be your guide in her latest long-form work.” — ELLE “A motley crew steers  Float: Husserl, Picasso, Hegel, a chorus of Gertrude Steins, and Carson’s noble uncle Harry, not to mention the Greeks: late-arriving Odysseus, howling Cassandra, and a rather tetchy Zeus. What else would you expect from [this] renowned classicist, translator, and polymath? Whether one skims or dives, there are treasures to be found. Two playlets plumb family tragedy; [a piece] about the death of Carson’s brother’s wife is a heartbreaker; [two others] are goofy fun. The whole coheres, and the tether is Carson herself—her interests, erudition, and autobiography; the way she thinks, and writes, and occasionally, rhymes.” —Christine Smallwood,  Harper’s “Mesmerizing . . . Float should be read by anyone who has any interest in translation, art, beauty, meaning and the possibilities of a poetic work. Carson, renowned poet, translator and classicist, will never disappoint when it comes to her unique combination of tradition and experimentation . . . In this offering, more than any other [work] to date, we see her true depth as both an inventive thinker and deeply gifted lyrical poet.  Float touches every register with clarity and wit, as the chapbooks undu

Package Dimensions: 9.5 x 6.9 x 1.1 inches

Languages: English