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Deaf Culture (Exploring Deaf Communities in the United States)

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Author: Leigh, Irene W.

Brand: Plural Publishing

Edition: 1

Binding: Paperback

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 318

Release Date: 01-08-2016

Details: Product Description How does Deaf culture fit into education, psychology, cultural studies, technology and the arts? Deaf Culture: Exploring Deaf Communities in the United States addresses this through both theoretical and practical information. With the recognition of American Sign Language (ASL) as a bona fide language, the perception of Deaf people has evolved into the recognition of a vibrant Deaf culture centered around the use of signed languages and the communities of Deaf people. This text also describes how rapid advances in technology, including the Internet as well as new visual and auditory technologies, have not only created opportunities for Deaf people to influence how technology can be used, but additionally has become a powerful force in influencing the behavior of Deaf individuals within diverse national and international societies. This has created opportunities for incorporating diversity and international perspectives into Deaf culture. Within each chapter are multiple vignettes, examples, pictures, and stories to enhance content interest for readers and facilitate instructor teaching. Theories are introduced and explained in a practical and reader-friendly manner to ensure understanding, and clear examples are provided to illustrate concepts. In addition, students of American Sign Language and Deaf studies will find an introduction to possible opportunities for professional and informal involvement with ASL/Deaf culture children and adults. Deaf Culture fills a unique niche as an introductory text that is accessible and straightforward for those beginning their studies of the Deaf-World. Key Features: Strong focus on including different communities within Deaf culture Thought-provoking questions, illustrative vignettes, and examples Theories introduced and explained in a practical and reader-friendly manner PluralPlus companion website with a word bank, glossary, resource list for readers and test bank and digital slides/presentations for teachers Written by Deaf and hearing authors with extensive teaching experience and immersion in ASL and Deaf culture Table of Contents Preface Acknowledgments About the Authors Part I. Deaf Culture: Yesterday and Today Chapter 1. Deaf Community: Past and Present Chapter 2. Causes of Being Deaf and Auditory Innovations Part II. Signed Languages and Learning Chapter 3. American Sign Language Chapter 4. Deaf Education and Deaf Culture Chapter 5. How Deaf Children Think, Learn, and Read Part III. Deaf Lives, Technology, Arts, and Career Opportunities Chapter 6. Deaf Identities Chapter 7. Navigating Deaf and Hearing Worlds Chapter 8. Technology and Accessibility Chapter 9. Arts, Literature, and Media Chapter 10. Advocating and Career Opportunities Chapter 11. Final Thoughts on Deaf Culture and Its Future Index NOTE: This book comes with supplementary content on a PluralPlus companion website. If you purchase or rent a used copy of the printed book, the code to access the website printed inside the book may have been previously redeemed/used or be incorrect and you will not be able to use it. To guarantee access to the website, it is recommended you purchase a new copy of this book. Review The text is well-designed and easy-to-read. There are good illustrations, images, tables, thought-provoking questions, and personal stories. . . . And although multiple authors contributed to the writing, it reads as if from one voice, which makes it flow very nicely. The language is neither lofty or condescending, making it a good read for readers of all levels of education. The authors have done a nice job of demystifying the Deaf culture throughout the text. The selection of online additional resources makes it a good choice for instructors in Deaf Studies, Deaf Education, Interpretation, American Sign Language, Psychology, Audiology, and other related fields. The extra student resources provided would be an excellent guide for students throughout their c

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Languages: English