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Sell textbooks for cash during COVID-19 using our Mail-In program! Click Here.

Cultural Anthropology

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Author: Nanda, Serena

Brand: SAGE Publications, Inc

Edition: 12

Binding: Paperback

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 456

Release Date: 25-02-2019

Details: Product Description Cultural Anthropology integrates critical thinking, explores rich ethnographies, and prompts students to skillfully explore and study today’s world. Readers will better understand social structures by examining themselves, their culture, and cultures from all over the globe. Serena Nanda and Richard L. Warms show how the analytical understandings and tools derived from over a century of systematically collecting data and thinking about culture can help students analyze, understand, and act effectively in the world. With a practical emphasis on areas such as medicine, forensics, development and advocacy, this book takes an applied approach to anthropology. The authors cover a broad range of theories, both historical and contemporary, without any insistence on any particular approach, and balance it with applied, contemporary, real-world global issues. The new Twelfth Edition includes a wealth of new examples and over 500 references that update ethnographic examples, statistical information, and theoretical approaches. Also available as a digital option (courseware). Learn more about Cultural Anthropology - Vantage Digital Option, Twelfth Edition [ISBN: 978-1-0718-2853-3] Review "This book is the complete package. No more and no less is needed to teach cultural anthropology. The book helps my students see the world bigger, but feel like the world is smaller."  -- Tiffany M. Blackmon "Well written. The prose and narrative are easy to follow and is great to engage and hold student interest. It’s has relevant references to applications of anthropology to real world events, circumstances and activities."  -- David Julian Hodges "An updated take on the classic intro anthropology text that includes recent national and world developments and conversations"    -- Heather York "This book focuses on social structures and it helps students look at themselves in their culture versus different cultures to better understand the social structures and institutions. The authors really put themselves into the shoes of the student in a beginning cultural anthropology course."   -- Roxanne Gerbrandt About the Author Richard L. Warms received his PhD from Syracuse University in 1987 and is currently Professor of Anthropology at Texas State University, where he has taught since 1988. His research has focused on the history of anthropological theory, on commerce, religion, and ethnic identity in West Africa, and on African veterans of French colonial armed forces. With Jon McGee, he is coauthor of Anthropological Theory: An Introductory History (McGraw-Hill), now in its fifth edition; and with McGee and James Garber, of Sacred Realms: Readings in the Anthropology of Religion, now in its second edition (Oxford University Press). With Serena Nanda, he has coauthored the best-selling textbooks Cultural Anthropology, now in its eleventh edition, and  Culture Counts, now in its third edition (Cengage Learning).

Package Dimensions: 10.7 x 8.4 x 0.9 inches

Languages: English