Applied Statistics and the SAS Programming Language (5th Edition)

by Pearson
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Author: Ron P. Cody

Edition: 5

ISBN: 0131465325

Number Of Pages: 592

Publisher: Pearson


As the SAS© programming language continues to evolve, this guide follows suit with timely coverage of the combination statistical package, database management system, and high-level programming language. Using current examples from business, medicine, education, and psychology, Applied Statistics and the SAS Programming Language is an invaluable resource for applied researchers, giving them the capacity to perform statistical analyses with SAS without wading through pages of technical documentation. Includes the necessary SAS statements to run programs for most of the commonly used statistics, explanations of the computer output, interpretations of results, and examples of how to construct tables and write up results for reports and journal articles. Illustrated with SAS Graph™ output. Provides readers with ample models for developing programming skills. For anyone interested in learning  more about applied statistics and the SAS programming language.

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