Animal Feeding and Nutrition

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Edition: 11

ISBN: 0757591132

Number Of Pages: 658

Publisher: Kendall Hunt Publishing


Authors Marshall Jurgens and Kristjan Bregendahl have been joined by new authors Josie Coverdale and Stephanie Hansen to create the 11th edition of Animal Feeding and Nutrition. Animal Feeding and Nutrition is written in a clear and concise outline format, reducing the vast amount of reading sometimes necessary for complete coverage of feeding practices.

Animal Feeding and Nutrition is organized around four basic topics, giving your students all the information they'll need to understand the applied concepts of animal feeds and feeding methods:

  • The Nutrients - classifications, recommended levels, and an up-to-date review of nutrients and digestion
  • Feedstuffs and Feed Additives - classification, characteristics, preparation, feeding laws and regulation
  • Procedures in Ration Formulization
  • Feeding Requirements and Guides

The 11th edition of Animal Feeding and Nutrition features:

  • Updated information on equine nutrition and adheres to the 2007 daily nutrition requirements values.
  • Coverage of new feed ingredients (enzymes, byproducts).
  • Information on how to make 'biosecure diets' with reference to Salmonella control.
  • Increased terminology within the glossary. 
  • Examples of various problem-solving and ration-formulation techniques that help your students with procedures in mathematical solutions.
  • Expanded information on implants for growth stimulation.
  • Updated information on feeding systems.
  • An Instructor's Manual with over 12 student exercises.

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