An Introduction to Plant Structure and Development: Plant Anatomy for the Twenty-First Century

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Author: Charles B. Beck

Brand: Brand: Cambridge University Press

Edition: 2


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ISBN: 0521518059

Number Of Pages: 459

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Details: A plant anatomy textbook unlike any other on the market today. Carol A. Peterson described the first edition as 'the best book on the subject of plant anatomy since the texts of Esau'. Traditional plant anatomy texts include primarily descriptive aspects of structure, this book not only provides a comprehensive coverage of plant structure, but also introduces aspects of the mechanisms of development, especially the genetic and hormonal controls, and the roles of plasmodesmata and the cytoskeleton. The evolution of plant structure and the relationship between structure and function are also discussed throughout. Includes extensive bibliographies at the end of each chapter. It provides students with an introduction to many of the exciting, contemporary areas at the forefront of research in the development of plant structure and prepares them for future roles in teaching and research in plant anatomy.

EAN: 9780521518055