An Environmental History of Latin America (New Approaches to the Americas)

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Author: Shawn William Miller

Brand: Shawn Miller

Edition: 1


  • An Environmental History of Latin America New Approaches to the Americas

ISBN: 0521612985

Number Of Pages: 272

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Release Date: 2007-08-27

Details: This book narrates the mutually mortal historical contest between humans and nature in Latin America. Covering a period that begins with Amerindian civilizations and concludes in the region's present urban agglomerations, the work offers an original synthesis of the current scholarship on Latin America's environmental history and argues that tropical nature played a central role in shaping the region's historical development. Seeing Latin America's environmental past from the perspective of many centuries illustrates that human civilizations, ancient and modern, have been simultaneously more powerful and more vulnerable than previously thought.

EAN: 9780521612982