After the New Testament: 100-300 C.E.: A Reader in Early Christianity

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Author: Bart D. Ehrman

Edition: 2


  • religion

ISBN: 0195398920

Number Of Pages: 576

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Release Date: 2014-11-03

Details: Revealing the rich diversity of the early Christian movement, After the New Testament: 100-300 CE: A Reader in Early Christianity, Second Edition, brings together an extensive selection of texts from the second and third centuries, both "orthodox" and "heterodox." Selections include the writings of the Apostolic Fathers, the writings of Nag Hammadi, early pseudepigrapha, martyrologies, anti-Jewish tractates, heresiologies, canon lists, church orders, liturgical texts, and theological treatises. Featuring large textual excerpts--entire documents wherever possible--concise introductions, and lucid, up-to-date translations, After the New Testament is ideal for courses in Early Christianity, Christian Origins, and Early Church History.

EAN: 9780195398922