ACTION! Professional Acting for Film and Television

by Pearson
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Author: Robert Benedetti

Edition: 1

ISBN: 0321418255

Number Of Pages: 224

Publisher: Pearson

Details: In Action!, Peabody and multiple Emmy award-winning producer and leading teacher of acting Robert Benedetti offers a practical, detailed and clearly structured approach to the fundamentals of acting for the camera. The first part of the book is a step-by-step guide to how an actor fits into the process of shooting a film or television show. The second part describes how to prepare yourself for any role through detailed instructions for creating the inner life of a character.

Benedetti's analysis of sample scenes, such as Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman and the sitcom Cheers, helps readers become experts and complete naturals in front of a camera.

The book features:

How acting for the camera is different from acting on stage

Complete coverage on how to start an acting career in film or television

All major film production personnel, terms and forms

Detailed discussion of self-training for the camera

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