A Wellness Way of Life, Loose Leaf Edition

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Author: Gwen Robbins Assistant Dean

Edition: 11

ISBN: 007352350X

Number Of Pages: 544

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education


A Wellness Way ofLife helps student readers make sense of the array of confusing andsometimes contradictory health information that bombards the public every day.By minimizing technical jargon and presenting health topics and issues in aclear and accessible way, A Wellness Wayof Life informs students about the science of wellness as it pertains totopics such as exercise, nutrition, weight management, stress, and heart disease,and it empowers them to make smart health decisions in order to enjoy alifetime of wellness. Grounded in solid, up-to-date research, A Wellness Way of Life utilizes innovativetechnologies to engage and motivate students to take their health seriously andmake healthy lifestyle behavior choices.

EAN: 9780073523507