A Reformation Reader: Primary Texts With Introductions

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Author: Denis Janz

Brand: Denis R Janz

Edition: 2


  • A Reformation Reader Primary Texts with Introductions

ISBN: 0800663101

Number Of Pages: 420

Publisher: Fortress Press

Details: Although deeply political, economic, and social, the European Reformations of the sixteenth century were at heart religious disputes over core Christian theological issues. Denis Janz's A Reformation Reader is unabashed in its generous selection of key theological and related texts from five distinct Reformation sites. Along with plenty on the late-medieval background, the Lutheran, Calvinist, Radical, English, and Catholic Reformations are all well-represented here.
Janz's selection of more than 100 carefully edited primary documents captures the energy and moment of that tumultuous time. The new edition incorporates a dozen readings by and about women in the Reformation, adds a new chapter on Thomas Muntzer and the Peasants' War, and adds illuminating graphics.

EAN: 9780800663100