A Course for Teaching English Learners (2nd Edition)

by Pearson
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Author: Lynne T. Diaz-Rico

Edition: 2


  • Great notes on about 15 pages!
  • Read before you take your prep class!
  • Given by San Diego County of Education during my prep class!
  • Recommended by fellow teachers!
  • Clear your Credential! Get Teaching!

ISBN: 0132490358

Number Of Pages: 408

Publisher: Pearson


A Course for Teaching English Learners, 2/e by well-respected author and educator Lynne T. Diaz-Rico, gives pre-service and in-service teachers the background principles and practical classroom techniques they need to successfully teach all English learners. The author provides a wealth of background principles underlying the cultural, linguistic, and sociocultural context and foundations of learning and provides a comprehensive framework that focuses on more than just reading and writing. Unique to this text is its flexible, comprehensive underlying framework that outlines both psychological and sociocultural contexts for English language acquisition and structured content delivery across the elementary middle school, and high school grades.

EAN: 9780132490351