002: Literature of the Western World, Volume II: Neoclassicism Through the Modern Period (5th Edition)

by Longman
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Author: Brian Wilkie

Edition: 5

ISBN: 0130186678

Number Of Pages: 2265

Publisher: Longman


The most comprehensive best-selling anthology of its kind, the second volume in this two-part survey enables readers to choose among the most important canonical and less-familiar texts of the Western literary tradition in Europe and the Americas. It offers complete texts whenever possible, uses the best translations of foreign-language material, and, when appropriate, presents more than one text by each author. Volume Two provides detailed historical and biographical notes and introductions to the later literary periods including Neoclassicism and Romanticism; Realism and Naturalism; and Modern and Contemporary. Individuals interested in a comprehensive look at Western literature through the ages.

EAN: 9780130186676