SMU's Off Campus Bookstore

Founded at SMU in 2012 by an SMU BBA student, in Dallas, we have served thousands of SMU students through our locally operated warehouse. We have become a staple on campus as the easiest way to buy, sell, and rent textbooks. Our campus reps meet you to deliver and buyback your textbooks.

3 Ways to Sell Books at SMU for Cash During Finals - Textbook Buyback

Drop In at one of our SMU Locations:


Jimmy John's: Visit our SMU buyback table at Jimmy John's during finals week 10am-6pm Daily. Get a free JJ's sandwich when you sell us all of your books! Click the pin for address.


SAE House Front Porch: Campus reps will be on the front porch of the SAE house during finals week 10am-5pm Daily buying back books from all SMU students!


One of our SMU reps will come to you, buy every book, and pay you cash. We can come to your dorm, or meet you anywhere around campus.

Selling Outside Of Finals Week?

How It Works

SMU Textbook Buyback

We offer the most cash for textbooks at SMU. Sell your books to a campus rep or visit our buyback table at Jimmy John's during finals week.

Books and Quotes

Purchase or rent your books through us - or become a member for discounted price quotes you can take to the SMU bookstore for a price match.

Local Delivery

We deliver to SMU dorms and off campus apartments from our local SMU warehouse. We can deliver to Boaz, Mcelvaney/ MoMac/ Cockrell-Mcintosh, Loyd, Ware, Kathy Crow, Crum, VS, and Armstrong.


We buy your old SMU textbooks for cash.

Rent SMU books with free delivery/pickup included.

Our SMU Campus Reps