What is Textbook Valet?

We provide a convenient, affordable, online textbook service run by students, for students. Through our competitive pricing, textbook buyback program, and complimentary delivery service, we aim to combine the best aspects of in-store purchasing and online shopping to create a stress-free, reliable way for students to save valuable time and money. We created this short explainer video to give you a better idea of how it works!

Our Story:

Textbook Valet was founded in 2012 by an undergraduate business student at SMU in Dallas, Tx. Since then, we have created a technology suite to operate our services on campuses across the country. Our sustainable operation hires students on campus, beats bookstore prices, and provides unmatched service such as appointment based delivery and buyback.

Our Value:

There is a trend of off-campus bookstores closing down, which is leaving less local options for students to buy and sell textbooks. Students are in desperate need of local alternatives to the University bookstore and Textbook Valet solves that problem. Textbook Valet has created a sustainable solution to provide an alternative to campus bookstores without all of the associated fixed costs.