Customer service is our #1 priority!

Ico price

Price Guarantee

Our competitors may advertise used textbook rentals and used textbooks that they don’t have and then up-charge you to purchase one new. We stand behind all of our prices and will never up-charge you, even if we give you a better quality textbook than what was ordered- customer service is our #1 priority!

Ico delivery2

Unique Delivery Method

We hire student reps who attend your school to deliver your textbooks. They know the campus just as well as you and can deliver to addresses that the post office can't like dorm lobbies or outside of class! We deliver all of your textbooks in one order* so you don't have to keep track of what you are waiting on.

*unless a textbook is back-ordered

Ico return2

Two Week Return Policy

Need to return a purchase/rental? We offer a 2-week, no questions asked, return policy. We setup at convenient places on campus for you to return your textbook in less than 60 seconds! No shipping and no lines.

Ico buyback

Our Campus Buyback Program

We setup various textbook buyback events on the campuses we serve during finals week. All of our reps doing buybacks are CURRENT students at your school. Buyback appointment can be setup through our website to have a student rep to buyback textbooks right from your dorm room! We pay you cash for your textbooks so you can skip the bookstore lines and get paid immediately. The buyback process takes about 5 minutes for a semester's worth of textbooks. If you are interested in selling textbook out of season, feel free to contact us and we can arrange a buyback!